Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90 of 365

Still working with Miss "A"... added her glasses and the birdie on her shoulder. Bird's hat is made of polymer clay.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day89 of 365

Day 89 More of the crafty side of me... hand made fabric flowers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 86-88 of 365

Day 88, well she is not really done, do you recognize her. She is the baby one her belly from the photo below. Mr. Demeng inspired me with his creepy dolls. Still in work.
Day 87, how do you like Amelia's make over? The corset and hat are handmade. I used the top of her dress, distressed it with gesso and paint. All other embellishments are from my scrap booking and card making stash. Almost complete... need a few more things... maybe a clock or bird to make her look more steampunk.

Day 86 Last saturday I went to visit the local Thrift stores and antique shops. I found some orphan babies, most of them were a $1 and a lot love.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 81-85 of 365

Day 85, this is a digital collage... I'm collecting orphan dolls...
Day 84, seems like I go from one thing to another.
Day 83, inspired while shopping, came back home with the idea.

Day 82, journal page

Day 81, I'm doing the Moley series at ATCforAll. I made a page for one of the participants of Group 13 and her theme is Oriental South East Asia, I got inspired by the Artist Thuy Quyen. Im not very good with watercolors so I decided to learn from him.

Day 76-80 of 365

My sis birthday card for Day 80!
Day 79, I made this for my sister as a birthday present
Day 78 I was getting a little behind with creations I made a Frida doll
For Day 77, I took a picture of all the creatures I created, the devil's face still UFO (unfinished object)
Day 76, I made this jewelry for St Patty's Day!

Day 71-75 of 365

Day 75 I used polymer clay face... two stamps for the body and the bird is the one I made on Day 69
Day 74 I called him hula boy... assemblage of found objects
Day 73 melted crayon technique on silk, I made my own patter too.
Day 72, I'm participating in Odd doll swap at ATC'
Day 71 Journal page... not sure what I had in mind!
Keep on posting my creations!

Day 66-70 of 365!

Day 70 Journal page, I don't know why I keep drawing crows ... This one was made with acrylics

Day 69
Day 68 , I collaged the paper and then cut the bird free hand!
Paper painting technique for Day 67
Day 66 melted crayon background and collage!
Well since I'm so behind posting, I keep making art and forget to post!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 61-65 0f 365

This is Day 65 Melted Crayon a class project
This is Day 64 I was trying some techniques and color combo!
Day 63 I was inspired by a greeting card, I used melted crayon also and an embossed technique

More jewelry... for day 61 and 62

I'm so behind...! Day 55-60

oh... I'm so behind posting... I've been so busy making art... Day 55-60 of 365

Day 60...This is my 3 page spread to inspire my group!

Day 59...Back to my Huichol Art, this is my travel page with all the wonderful artists who are going to draw and paint my theme.

Day 58 ...This my mom's gift... for her birthday!
Day 57 This my molie cover, my theme is Huichol art! Day 56 I finished my hand ART!
Day 55 --- my melted crayon technique with acrylics...