Sunday, January 27, 2013

My New Studio

Welcome to my new studio. Yes long time since I posted, the reason I've been busy "SEEKING" FOR a place to "ART"

I was in half of room, lots of supplies and no place to store them

I found a solution to my problem, we have a one car garage not being used to store a car. We were storing lots of junk, so I decided to clean, paint, degrease and put some color on the cabinets. I thought my problem was solved until.....

An antique car came into our lives, hubs bought a 1964 (1/2)Mustang, the car needed a home. We had to make a decision to build a new garage or maybe just build a new studio for me.

And guess what …..This is the inside of my new place, I want to thank ArteDar for helping move we had so much fun during the holidays and we also worked very hard. Thank you girlfriend… I’m so happy here…