Monday, April 25, 2011

Making up for days I didn't make any Art for Project 365!

This one took about four days to make. Another piece of art I decided to keep! Orphan Doll.... All these finds where from the thrift shop!

Postcard I made for JoyFlower at ArtforAll 2010
Back of photo album I painted "Beginnings"
Frida for ArteDar

Canvas for Francis

I kept this angel
So I'm making up for some of the days missed.These paintings and altered sculpture are from 2010 and were not posted here.

Getting up to date with Project 365!

Wax removed and painted details with acrylics. This Hand goes to Helping Hands of Japan to be action.
Day 95 of 365 This is how I started my painting with melted crayons not much yet
Day 94 of 365
A sketch for 93 of 365
I worked on this piece for two days! Day91 and 92 of 365 -For Helping Hands of Japan to be action.
I've been a little busy again... where did the month of April go! I missed some days for this project just to many things to do!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rolodex Card for Insipiration

Melted Crayon background

This is the back
This is front