Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Creating

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! I've been so busy. Finally finished a Secret Santa package that was due... I mailed it yesterday! Now I have a long to do list. I joined a few swaps at ATCsforAll, and MAW. I was thinking of dropping a couple but I have never withdrawn from any swap and I don't want to start doing that. I have committed now I have to execute. Today I have been drawing like crazy most of them are sketches. I'll post as soon as I'm finished with them.

I had a hard time with one of the themes and end-up enjoying it the most. The theme was "Inanimate object with bat wings" and I think I delivered. All my backgrounds are melted crayon!


Boat Bird said...

I love the idea of the bottle of wine with vampire wings- a wine with real bite!

purplecat said...

loving your work.
All the best for the new year