Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some Past Art

I haven't done a post in a long while, maybe because I've been creating. A few past art I've done and have neglected to post.  Happy Arting everyone! Lots of inspiration....

Mother Nature gifted to BFF ArteDar

Sea Horse done as a class sample

This was also a class I thought in my studio
Think Outside the cage

I was playing with sprays and alcohol, this one was sold last week

I have to thank my friend Mitzi for teaching me some wire wrapping techniques

This was a class thought last year

I painted this Frida at an Art get together in Austin Tx back in April, Ladyoflosttimes was the winner of this painting.

this altered spoon was inspired of dear friend ArteDar

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Helen Campbell said...

Beautiful work, Martha. I love that you're teaching classes from your studio. Yay you! Glad to see you posting too!